Sunday, November 27, 2016


Negativity is a virus that sucks the life out of you! It's not only detrimental to one's health but also steals valuable time to be spent in the moment with family and friends! Being a social media personality with growing fame and audience, I get some ridiculous and negative comments sometimes. The mistake I made in the past was letting it bother me. I used to try to imagine what in the world is going on in these trolls' minds, that they conceive such evil thoughts and post them under fake profiles. But the longer I dwelled on that thought, the harder it was for me to keep a joyful mind. I didn't like the darkness that was in those minds. So I came to the conclusion that there are NEGATIVE people who conceive ridiculous ideas and spew hateful comments on social media, under fake profiles because THERE'S nothing good happening in their lives. The only way they survive is by trying hard to ruin somebody else's day. They are so SAD and ANGRY with their lives that they are looking to draw people like me into that cycle of DARKNESS. I STOPPED focusing on negativity because it's TOO COSTLY for me and I VALUE my peace of mind! Do you value your peace of mind? Join me and STOP focusing on Negativity and negative people who bring them into your life! Life is way TOO VALUABLE AND BEAUTIFUL to be wasted on DARKNESS AND NEGATIVITY! I encourage you to join me and LET'S WELCOME THE LIGHT JESUS BRINGS! I need MORE JESUS and NO NEGATIVITY! How about you?

Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Hey everyone. Thanks for checking out my blog today. It's Thanksgiving week and I can't help but think about the things that I'm most thankful for and hope that they inspire you to see in yourself, many things that you should be thankful for today. First of, I'm thankful to be alive, healthy, strong, perceptive and understanding. There are so many people who lost their lives, mind, sanity, and are suffering from all kinds of sicknesses and diseases today but here I am. God has been VERY FAITHFUL to me! Secondly, I'm thankful, soooo thankful for my baby boy. God has DONE GREAT THINGS FOR ME. When I look at my restoration(my son) to motherhood after my devastating loss last year, I can't contain my JOY! Thirdly, I'm sooo thankful for my husband. He is such a loving and caring man and makes me feel sooo LOVED and THANKFUL that I have NOTHING to worry about. I love my family! I could go on and on about God's goodness and WON'T STOP but I'll leave it to you to share what makes you THANKFUL today. Please share in the comments what you're most thankful for and don't be afraid to write a lot! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family!

Monday, November 21, 2016


Hi there. Thanks for visiting my blog today. I appreciate you. Within the last few weeks, I have received emails from women I don't know asking me to matchmake them, with any good man I know. I have NO idea why THEY CHOSE me. I don't know what makes these ladies choose to send me private messages on social media. As the messages kept coming, I had to address the issue. In this video, I gave 5 reasons why I'm very bad at matchmaking. I hoped it would open these women's eyes that I'm NOT a matchmaker and THIS I KNOW FROM EXPERIENCE! Before you watch the video, here are two of five reasons I'm very bad at matchmaking:
1. I tend to think that every nice lady is a great match for every nice guy. About 3 years ago, I tried matchmaking two nice people I know and it ENDED up badly! Still didn't learn my lesson. I tried it with another set of people I knew and it still failed. The men and the ladies were nice as individuals but as a couple, they didn't work.

2. I expect every relationship to work out. I know, it's a character flaw. It's just that I believe the best of every situation. I don't know how successful matchmakers do it but I used to stress out over relationships I had a hand in creating not working out.
So ladies, before you expect me to hitch you with your future man, think twice. I have NEVER nor do I think that I will ever succeed at matchmaking anyone. Alright, that's it. Thanks for reading. Be sure to watch the video for more on this topic.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

6th Community Service| Winter Clothes Drive

Hi everyone. Thanks for visiting my blog today. A few days ago we received some winter clothes donations from a group of kindhearted women. We organized the drive with the goal of meeting the needs of the homeless in our communities and I'm glad that we did just what we desired to do. Because of the kindness of these ladies and my family, many homeless people will be warm this winter. Here's a video of the events from the last few days. Please watch and be inspired! If you feel led to donate to my foundation, here's my website:

Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Hey y'all. Thanks for visiting my blog today. It is Election Day in America and I would love to encourage you to go and vote. See, what you should know is many people gave their lives for most to have the privilege to vote. I remember studying the history of American Government in college and how in awe I was when I learned that in the beginning ONLY the rich had the right to vote. So, many gutsy people had the courage to REVOLT for a change in order for EVERYONE with or without properties to have the right to VOTE. Then blacks and women also fought for the RIGHT to VOTE. All of these didn't happen without the lose of lives. So if you were thinking about NOT voting, please have a RETHINK because someone/people died in order for you to have this right, you are about to throw down the drain! Anyways, THAT'S ALL I got for now. PLEASE GO VOTE! Be a part of those who change or effect the future by casting your vote today!

Monday, November 7, 2016


Hey there. Welcome back to my blog. I hope that your day is going well. Well, I wanted to help someone rekindle their love today. Before we start, I have to WARN you! DON'T REKINDLE A RELATIONSHIP WITH AN ABUSER! If you are married to an abuser, you should be SEEKING help in order to get out of that union.
Back to the topic. I have friends who complain about not feeling the "SPARK" in their relationship with their spouse anymore. Well, for starters, the so called "SPARK," is overrated and should be debunked! When you're married to someone, the initial sexual attraction will wane a good bit but your love and respect for that person shouldn't. As we grow older marriage goes beyond being sex partners, to being soulmates. That's not to say that sex is not important. It is very important. However, unlike those early stages where it seemed spontaneous, now you have to make it a part of your life and create time and space for it. You have to put in the work and time to keep your sex life with your spouse on FIRE! I'm not trying to scare you but YOU WILL HAVE TO PUT IN THE EFFORT AND TIME TO keep your sexual life in marriage going. There are people who compare their passion to other couples' and get jealous when they feel like they are not having as much fun. There are people who are great at pretending to be having a Great time when people are watching but it's a whole different ball game when they are alone with their spouses. You know what works for you and your spouse, STICK WITH IT. Sometimes you may need to learn, with your spouse, how to make your lives more passionate on your own. Here are a few ways to SPARK UP your passion with your spouse: 1.
Spend time together and keep dating each other. If you don't spend time with your spouse as much as possible, chances are your spark will wane.
You and your spouse should make time to pursue same hobbies together. It is always helpful to enjoy your spouse outside of the home, doing things that interest both of you. For instance, if you both enjoy running or playing a sport, do it together. It will increase your closeness and SPARK UP your lives.
Remind each other that marriage takes work. If you don't work on your differences together, you will grow apart. Your spouse will piss you off sometimes, learn to forgive and let go!
Appreciate and celebrate each other as much as possible. Be each others cheerleaders.
Remember what first attracted you to each other and talk about it and keep that spirit alive!
Serve God together in prayer and service. A God-centered home is a STRONG home!
Communicate with each other. Instead of talking at each other, try talking with each other.
Be kind to each other and celebrate each other.
Lovingly correct each other instead of being critical of each other all the time. Your spouse may do something that you don't like sometime, instead of disliking your spouse, dislike that thing that they do and let them know. Don't let the dislike cross over to your spouse. It's dangerous!
Finally, DON'T STAY APART for too long. When either of you is ALWAYS gone, it may affect the relationship. No matter how hard you work, know that your family is very important. Don't allow your job to take the place of your family. After all, you work to provide for your family right? Don't get too carried away by your job and career, that all life means to you is work, work and work. Learn to work smart and prioritize properly if you want a family to share life with. Remember to be compassionate towards each other. Where your spouse is lacking, be there to make up for it. you may be one of those people who is married to a clueless person but that's not grounds to break up. Be communicative and sometimes you may need to get someone your both trust to talk some CLUE into your spouse in order to work on your relationships. Life is supposed to be beautiful and shared with family. Remember that you're NOT TRANSPARENT and so is your spouse. Communication is a very important KEY to a happy and thriving marriage and home! I love you for reading this to the end. Go back and give your spouse a BIG KISS and let them know you care!

Saturday, November 5, 2016


How are y'all doing? Here I come with some great news! For those of you who may not already know, I have my line of traditional African women's clothes for sale. Here are some pictures. To purchase yours, please visit my ebay store. Here are some pictures: