Sunday, October 9, 2016

The Day We Organized A Food Ministry To The Homeless

Good morning and happy new week! Thank you for visiting my blog today. I wish you a very blessed and amazing week ahead! Yesterday was our 5th food ministry or as I like to call it; OUR FOOD DRIVE, in Atlanta, Georgia. We made some pancakes and cheese eggs. We brought some water and chocolate drinks along side, to serve these precious people. We were very excited to do it. We believe that there is no better way to begin to change lives than by giving those who are hungry in our communities some inspiration through food. A hungry man is an angry man. We don't want people to have to go hungry because they are homeless.

That is why we keep going back to help more people. Our foundation is funded by donations and our personal resources. Our hope is that when people look at us: who don't have much, doing what we do, they will be inspired to do the same because ONLY TOGETHER can we END WORLD HUNGER! Here are a few more photos from the day. Video will be posted soon. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 5, 2016


Hey guys. Thanks for checking out my blog today. So God has been up to something great! A few amazing ladies are dedicating their time and energy to organize a fundraiser for my foundation. This is a doing only God could have orchestrated. I'm just in awe of what God is doing for people through my foundation and how He is making a way for me and my team to keep doing what we are doing. I give all the glory to Him! Read the information on the above flier to find out more. Thanks for stopping by. God bless you!

Saturday, October 1, 2016


Hey everyone. Welcome to my blog. I appreciate your visit. I would love to welcome you all to the month of October. My prayer for you is that God will bless you so much so that you will become a blessing to others in Jesus name! We have our next Food Outreach to the Homeless Saturday October 8, 2016 at 11:00 am. Address: Hurt Park 25 Courtland St SE, Atlanta, GA 30303. May God bless you as you join us to serve our community on that day, in Jesus name! We are very excited to be serving our community and also have BIG plans to help struggling families in our communities with holiday groceries and winter clothes. We also have plans to organize some empowerment programs in our community at our local library before the end of the year. If you have it in your heart to support our plans, please do so. We are going to raise about $10,000 for our plans but we need help! Please be a part of this and God will bless you, RICHLY.

Thursday, September 29, 2016


Hey y'all. Welcome to my blog. Here's a video I made two days ago for my YouTube channel. This video was something I wanted to do after a few encounters with some adorably annoying individuals. If you are a mom reading this, you will identify with some of the questions and stories I told. If you are like one of the people talked about in this video, please learn and DON'T DO IT, EVER AGAIN! Before you watch the video, here are two of the questions that I discussed in the video:
1. NEVER ASK A NEW MOM WHEN SHE'S GOING TO LOSE HER BABY WEIGHT. If you do, you might be a victim to her kickboxing skill she never thought she had. She will lose the weight whenever she wants to. IT'S NONE of your business how she does it or when she does it.

2. Never ASK an African mother if she's going to breastfeed her baby because her ancestors from 1,000 generations past, might come GET YOU! As a West African, Nigerian woman, IT IS INEVITABLE that I breastfeed my sweet baby.
To check out more of the questions, please watch and share the video.

Saturday, September 24, 2016


So two days ago, I finally fulfilled my promise to my sweet man. I took him to eat some crab legs at Red Lobster. He enjoyed it and I loved the smile on his face after the crab pot became empty. Let's just say that I'm a proud wife who delights in keeping her promise and spoiling my man with some good food. Ladies, I encourage you to get in the habit of spoiling your man with his favorite food whenever you can. That will help you keep the spark on and keep him on your good side. Well I brought the camera with us to capture the moment. Of course you'd expect me to bring the camera because I'm a content creator; *LAUGH OUT LOUD* Watch the video and enjoy the moment and get (if you are married or in a relationship and need inspiration) inspired. Thanks for reading this and I'll catch you all on my next post.


Hi Roland Martin, last week I posted a blog and called you Roland Smith instead of Martin. It was an honest mistake on my part. I was so EXCITED about your response to Bill O'Reilly concerning his uneducated remarks about Colin Kaepernick that I forgot your last name. Anyways, I realized it when one of my subscribers brought it to my knowledge. Although I corrected it immediately, my HTML would not effect the change on my title. It is for that reason that I decided to write a new post to express my apology. I'm proud of the work that you do and enjoy your live streams on Facebook. Keep up the great work and I'll be following. Okay, now I'm going to go back to my football game now. Go UGA DAWGS!!!

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Hey everyone, thanks for visiting my blog again. As most of you are already aware by now. Colin Kaepernick; the San Francisco 49ers Quarter Back has been protesting Police Brutality of black people in America in order to create awareness and change, in this nation's policies that seem to discriminate against and incriminate black people. It is NOT news anymore that The U.S. is home to some of the most brutal racists people in the world. Anyways, I didn't think anything was wrong with Kaepernick's protest by not standing to the U.S. national anthem. After all this is home of THE FREE unless maybe you happen to be black?! His protest has been on-going and of course Fox News found a way to make Kaepernick look bad. Bill OReilly; the famous dumb Republican, lent his voice to criticize Kaepernick. I think right about now, OReilly realizes how really DUMB and RACIST he seemed after Roland Martin of TV ONE schooled him on the history of blacks in America and the history of unfair racial treatment and murder. Well, here's a video of the incident.