Thursday, June 4, 2015

Pregnancy is a Miracle Only God gives!!!

Hello there, thanks for stopping by... Last Tuesday, my husband and I welcomed our precious bundle of joy into this world. She brings a new found love and joy that only a gift in the form of a baby from God, can bring. For all you expectant and hopeful mothers to be out there, Do not be afraid of the journey through pregnancy. It is the most amazing journey ever that can be filled with doubts along the way. You'll need to trust God, your body and the process to get through those morning sickness and naucea episodes. I had to trust God completely during my journey. I believe He is the only one who can protect and see you through anything! Here is a list of what I learned while I was pregnant with my baby Raven: - Every woman's pregnancy and journey is different! I learned that your experience while you're pregnant is not going to be exact with another woman's experience. This revelation, made me stay focused. There's going to be someone offering you advice that may not apply to your case uninvited. It can be especially aggravating and or scary for first time moms.My advice to you is, listen to your body and stay positive. - If you got pregnant unexpectedly while taking birth control pills, don't be afraid, your baby will be okay. These days, they make birth control pills harmless to the fetus; in case you get pregnant and not know it while still on the pills. - If you want to get pregnant and have just gotten off the pills, you can, almost immediately. It happened to me. I know that there are many online forums with varying opinions concerning the length of time it may take you to get pregnant after getting off the pills. Don't believe a good bit of those opinions. See, our belief and faith control the outcome of our lives. - Finally, try to be as active as much as you can while pregnant. You can start by taking short walks up and down your drive way and eating a healthy meal and drinking lots of water. You need the fluid to keep you going during this beautiful miraculous journey you're on. I'm going to end this blog post with a big thank you for reading this post! I'm linking up one of my YouTube videos to this post, to give you an idea of what to expect when you're pregnant and entertain you. Have a blessed day! With all the love in the world, Maryam Shumate; aka Raven's mom