Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First Outfit Of The Day Post!!!!

Hey guys, welcome to my blog. I had an idea to do fashion posts on here. I wanted to share my love for fashion and some of my favorite looks with you all. I decided to add a link to my first Outfit of the Day video on YouTube with you all. It was a very sunny day. I was feeling myself... lol. I asked my hubby and his brother to take a few pictures of me. My Shirt and Shoes are by Calvin Klein; my skirt is by Silhouette NYC and my wristwatch is by Michael Kors. My shirt, skirt and shoes I bought at ROSS! Yes, guys. I shop at Ross! Just wanted to tell those who care to know that my whole outfit is under a 100 bucks with the exception of my watch. Thanks for reading this :). Remember to checkout my YouTube channel