Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Chicken Tacos | MorningInspirationswithMaryamsjoyfullife

Hey guys. Here I go again, making your mouths water with my delicious cooking and recipes. *smiles* I enjoy making these videos and sharing some of my simple kitchen tricks with everyone of you. Here is the list of recipes to making Chicken Tacos of the YEAR! The size of food you prepare depends on the number of people eating it. You are going to need two big cuts of boneless, skinless chicken breasts. These are to be cut up into bite size bits, seasoned with Taco seasoning. You can get Taco seasoning at any grocery store. You will need some tortilla wraps, two balls of fresh green peppers, a full-size onion globe, some salt, three cubes of beef bouillon and some vegetable oil. I have always been good at measuring my ingredients with my eyes. That's why I don't fret when I throw them in. One of my host families in Colorado once told me that she likes to cook with her eyes. That simply means she does not use teaspoons or cups to measure what she needs, she could tell by eyeballing it. I cook that same way. My mom also does it that way. However, if you feel more comfortable measuring with spoons and all, absolutely DO IT! To learn how to put these ingredients together for your delicious chicken tacos, watch the video!