Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Hey ladies, hope this post meets you well?! I know some of you are serious and desperate to settle down in marriage. It's completely normal, to want your own man and be very joyful when he commits to you. However, I know for a fact that the majority of you do NOT want to settle for just any man. That's what this post is about. I will give you a simple strategy that will help you locate the one and be happily married.

First off, do not ever act like your survival and life depends on a man who doesn't give a CRAP about you or anyone in this case. You have to learn to date yourself and be comfortable with your own company before looking for that man. It is very easy for us to focus on others and completely ignore our own existence. You ARE IMPORTANT and are WORTH SO MUCH! People can see outwardly what you feel about yourself, inwardly.

Secondly, DO NOT ever change who you are for any man who is in your life at the moment, because you want a proposal. If you change every time someone new walks into your life, soon you won't recognize or like the person you see in the mirror.

Thirdly, take care of yourself. Do the things you love and enjoy doing them. Try to visualize yourself as very important and worthwhile; because the truth is, YOU ARE WORTHWHILE.

Finally, P.R.A.Y. Every good and perfect gift comes from God. Happiness and satisfaction come from knowing and acknowledging the CREATOR of the universe. He knows what you need, but won't give it to you if you don't ask. Before I met my husband, I was wandering in different unwholesome relationships that I knew wouldn't lead anywhere. Women are equipped to know when a relationship is a child's play. I let these relationships go longer than they should have gone because I was afraid of being alone. I wanted to be like other girls who had caring boyfriends and husbands. It didn't work out for me. Until I decided to use a different strategy. I decided to focus on me and let God do what only He can do. I brought out my diary and wrote all the qualities I wanted in a man and how I wanted him to approach me, treat me and the things I wanted to hear him say. These were going to be a sign that he was the one. I backed it up with prayers. It happened for me that way.

I have an assignment for you. Get a notebook or diary, write down everything you want in a man and ask God to send him to you. Ask Him to make you see the things you have written down; as a sign in your man. I promise you, you will have whatsoever you ask! When you succeed, email me and let's celebrate you.