Sunday, September 20, 2015

LET IT GO | Maryamsjoyfullife

Hey guys. Whenever I write, it is because I'm feeling inspired. So, I woke up today feeling a little bit under the weather and decided to not drive to church. After doing my devotions, I had this great idea to do a video on "Relationships we shouldn't mourn." Ladies, if a man constantly makes you feel like you're not important whenever he is away from you, you probably should walk away from him. If the only time he makes you feel good is whenever he is around and can tap your booty, then that should be your clue to LET.IT.GO. Ladies, I'm NOT trying to sugarcoat or mince my words here... As women, our instincts are very powerful and our emotions are our biggest assets! If your instincts tell you he is no good, he is no good! Don't constantly make an excuse to stay in a relationship with a man, who only makes you feel worse each time you are not together. A worthwhile relationship is one that should make you feel great when you are together and when you're not together. Stop trying to convince yourself that the relationship is working when it's not. Every good woman deserves a good man! Don't waste your time with the wrong man. LET.HIM.GO. So the right man can scoop you off your feet!