Saturday, September 26, 2015

My Household Kitchen Staples

Hey guys. How is everyone doing today? It's been four days since the last time I posted a new blog. Here's an exciting post for you. I went grocery shopping early afternoon today. I brought you guys along but the vlog will be posted on Morning Inspirations With Maryam's Joyful Life because it also has some cooking tutorials in it.

In my household, whenever we go grocery shopping; including Big Daddy(my father in-law), everyone of us buys some fresh produce. Fresh produce such as Bell peppers(green, red, yellow, and orange) look and taste delicious. We also buy some fresh tomatoes, onions, carrots, celery, and some spring onions. These items that I have just listed, are very necessary for every kitchen. They are highly nutritious as well. I'm not going to list the various nutrients they contain, however, click this link to check it out for yourself: Press here to learn more

The more you eat fresh produce the lower your chances are of falling sick. Your immune system becomes very resistant to germs and flu carrying bugs. You help your local economy grow, each time you purchase home grown farm produce from your local grocers. Another added benefit is; they also make your food smell very delicious. If you are like me and my family, the smell of food can draw you to want to taste it. That's what fresh produce does to you. The next time you go grocery shopping, remember to buy some fresh produce. You could eat it fresh, stir-fried, steamed and or baked. Comment below if you love fresh produce and get some as your kitchen staples!