Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Hey ladies, do you know you are beautiful? I hope your answer is YES! Truth is you are more beautiful than you think or not. In today's society, we easily distract ourselves from ourselves by consuming the garbage standards of beauty that the uninformed and profit oriented media bombard us with everyday. Did you know that beauty comes in all colors, shapes, sizes, heights and weights? I bet you do but may deny it. What is stopping you from appreciating and loving the person you see in the mirror? If you don't have a clear cut answer, it's ok.

If you want to be unhappy and miserable for the rest of your life, compare yourself with every woman you see on television, magazines and in the movies. The truth is these images that make you feel awful about yourself are someone's masterpiece. They have been edited extensively to the point that when you see these women in person, they don't look anything like their pictures and media images. The next time you feel tempted to feel bad about yourself because you don't look like these celebs, DON'T!

Do you know that every time you hate the way you look, you're rejecting your Maker- God?! He created you in His image and likeness. He is a perfect God! He created a masterpiece when He made you! You better get up and give yourself a hug. Look yourself in the mirror and say "I AM GOD's MASTERPIECE AND I'M BEAUTIFUL." Truth is... YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL AND DESERVE TO FEEL BEAUTIFUL.

If you're overweight and are thinking about losing weight and you think that you're going to look and feel beautiful after losing that weight, you are wasting your time! You have to learn to love and embrace yourself the way that you are first, before embarking on this new weight-loss journey! That is the only time you become truly beautiful. If you are surrounded by negative degrading people. People who constantly call you ugly and say that you can't become anything good in life, it's time to CHANGE YOUR COMPANY! You want to make friends with people who appreciate you the way that you are. Not people who tear and break you down. Don't you become defensive... I know it's healthy to have friends who are "REAL," with you. However, if their realness is in tearing you down, you need to DUMP their PATHETIC A**ES. Your life is too precious to spend with people like that.

Your mom, dad and siblings could call you beautiful but until you call yourself beautiful, it's NOT going to matter who is calling you beautiful.

What is BEAUTIFUL? Beautiful means seeing yourself in God's eyes, accepting you, embracing you and letting your light shine!Beautiful does NOT mean hoping, wishing, praying and desperately wanting to be someone else. I hope that this helps you tap into your own beautiful!

Here are a few pictures of different kinds of beauty;
Athletic and beautiful!
Full-figured, fun and joyous beauty.
Gorgeous, natural and very smart beauty.
Toned, gorgeous and funny beauty.
Full-figured gorgeous beauty.

This list goes on and on. There are many types of beauty but yours should be defined by you!