Thursday, November 19, 2015

A Review of My Books From a Loyal Subscriber

When I woke this morning and decided to read some comments on my YouTube page, I was amazed by the second comment I saw. It was from one of my long time subscribers. She expressed how thankful she was for the inspiration and positivity that she and others always get from me whenever they tune into my channel. It is comments like hers that encourage me to keep being inspirational because lives from all over the world are getting impacted in a positive way. Read Nora's comment for yourself.

"Hi Maryam congratulations on your book of course I had to purchase n read them..very nice you made one for mummy's as in parenthood it is a challenge to see the bigger picture sometimes with the difficult times. You have been an inspiration since I have suscribed I love your positivity. Reading your story it was a surprise how hard you worked for all you blessings. It's absolutely beautiful that you have made your mother so proud and she has been lucky to have such a wonderful talented hard working daughter. Your advice is always on point, very positive and helpful. I'm nearly finished the academic blueprint good timing as this is my last year at university in shaa Allah I graduate with success. May God help you in everything Maryam your a strong women and have overcome alot of hurdles xx."
Thanks Nora for letting me be an inspiration to you. I also want you to know that when I receive comments like yours, they inspire me to keep doing what I'm doing because it is changing lives! To purchase your copies of both my books, visit the following links: To purchase on Amazon Click Here. To Purchase on iTunes Click Here.