Friday, November 27, 2015

A Series on Confidence: Protecting your children From the Enemies Within

If you as a parent don’t protect your children, nobody will do your job for you. You have got to protect your children from the enemies within so that you don't spend your life trying to fix them later. Part of protecting your children is teaching them about appropriate touches. Research has shown that the number one culprits of child molestation are close family members and friends. A stranger will not come into your house to molest your child because strangers don’t usually have access to your house. There is a great deal of research that has been done on the issue of child molestation and abuse. Almost all of them conclude that abused victims if not treated, become abusive themselves. And these abusers are often feared family members or friends.

Make up your mind to raise your child the right way. I have watched so many videos on women in abusive relationships and in almost all the cases, their abusers had robbed them of their confidence. These victims often say that they are the way they are because their parents either abused them or someone in the family did. Abuse victims keep the secret for too long until it tears them apart. Some of the women said that they kept the horrible secrets hidden because of the fear of being hurt and the abusers’ threats to either kill them or someone that they care about. As parents, you can protect your children by raising them to be free to express their thoughts and share their opinions with you. Teach your children what is appropriate touch and what is not. Believe in your children and encourage an open atmosphere of communication in your home. Make them feel protected and safe to tell you everything. If you do not trust a certain friend or family member around your children, protect your children from him/her and let your children know that you don’t trust that person. Instill a sense of self-love in your child. Let your children know that abuse is a crime and teach them how to call for help if they notice an unusual behavior towards them from either a family member or friend. Not only is abusing a person evil, it is also illegal. By believing in your child and encouraging them to share their thoughts and day with you, you are building a generation of healthy, strong and confident adults.

For adults who are currently going through rehabilitation programs to get readapted to society, all hope is not lost. You can beat that fear and expose your abusers because there is hope for you and laws that are set to prosecute abusive people. When we protect our children and raise them with an awareness of bad people within and outside the family, we give them a sense of alertness that helps them grow into confident individuals.