Sunday, November 29, 2015

Georgia Fires Mark Richt and Prepares for A New Era of SEC Domination

A few hours ago, ESPN reported that the University of Georgia has fired the football program's head coach; Mark Richt. He had been the Bull Dawgs' coach from 2001 to 2015. As they put it "the end of an era." Prior to hearing this news, I honestly thought that Georgia was going to give him another chance to turn the program around. I thought that because I have seen college athletic programs in the State of Georgia renew the contracts of some coaches that have not won games that matter in a long time. For instance, Georgia State University recently renewed the contract of it's head women's basketball coach. I really do hope that the team does a better job than the past few years. However, for some reason, I do not care that much. For the University of Georgia to make this amazing decision to fire a coach that has won but only the games he was expected to win, I have developed a new found respect for the Bull Dawgs! Maybe other schools in the state of Georgia will learn from the Dawgs to chase greatness and make changes when it blatantly and desperately needed. I wish the Bull Dawgs all the best on the search for that X-factor coach, who will finally make us a championship contender in the SEC and the Nation as whole! I must say that my husband saw this coming and told during our conversation last night after the win against Georgia Tech, that there was a big chance Mark Richt was still going to get fired. As a Georgia Football fanatic, my husband is tired of losing and ready for new era! We are hopeful, like thousands of Dawgs' fans in Georgia and the rest of the country.