Friday, November 27, 2015

How To Make Him Fall In Love With You

Falling in love is one of the oldest and best traditions of the world. It is the reason we, as offsprings of Abraham and Sarah, are here today. No matter how hard people try to fight it, love always finds a way to conquer all. It either knocks the socks off of your feet or makes you somersault with joy. LOL...the last part was over the top. Love is a beautiful thing. No wonder a lot of people are deceived to believe that it is love that makes them stay in an abusive relationship. Love, true undiluted love does not hurt you or break your heart over and over again. I get so tired of hearing some women say that men who have turned them into their personal punching bags do that because they love them. How ridiculous that is. Love is not abusive! LOVE is kind, patient, gentle, wise, and compassionate. It is not haughty or prideful, love is definitely NOT ABUSIVE.
Looking good and beautiful is the first step to attracting a man. So ladies, you have to bring out your best clothes and put on your best face the next time you are going out, to a place you might meet your future husband. While you're are polishing your looks, remember to bring your good heart and intelligence with you too. Remember that while he is checking you out, you are also checking him out. In this thing called love, two people are involved. It is not a one-way street. Your life does not start and end with the man who is or is not in your life at the moment. Don't sell yourself short by trying too hard to meet his standards forgetting that he also has to meet your standards. If a man falls in love with you because of how you look, when the look fades, he is going to move unto the next available sexy thing. But a good man falls in love with the heart of a good woman because he knows that's what is important. Love does not fade if it is founded on the heart and intellect of an individual instead of their physical appearance. There comes a point in life, when surgery does not work anymore to cover up the physical flaws. Ladies and gentlemen, invest your time on your heart and mind instead of only on your physical appearance which only depreciates in value. If you do not remember anything else, remember to fall for someone's good heart not their appearance!