Thursday, November 26, 2015

Let Me Tell You About SAMARITAN'S FEET

Hey guys, how is everyone enjoying their thanksgiving so far? I hope you all are having an amazing time?! My family and I are thankful for everything we've got right now. Although we've had a tough year, we have not allowed that to define us and how we feel about giving thanks. We've learned to be thankful for every moment. We hope that you do too. Life is always about how you react to the crazy stuff that happen to you not about what you've been through. Anyways, I wanted to share one of my favorite organizations with you all. It's called SAMARITAN'S FEET. It was founded by Manny and Tracie Ohonme. Manny is a Nigerian world changer. Growing up in Nigeria, he didn't have a lot of things. When he was younger. he developed an interest in basketball. One fateful day, he came across a group of missionaries who blessed him with his first pair of tennis shoes. From that moment forward, he decided that he was also going to be a blessing to millions of children all over the world, by putting shoes on their feet. True to his aspirations, he founded Samaritan's feet with his wife to do just that. As of today, they have put hundreds of thousands of shoes on the feet of children all over the world and they are not yet done. The good work that they do has not gone unnoticed.

They have attracted pro and college athletes, as well as coaches and other professionals to partner with them and impact people's lives through volunteering and donating to the organization. I first heard about them when I visited Georgia State University on my college recruiting trip in the spring of 2012. Since then, I have volunteered and also donated some money to the cause. The reason that I'm telling you about them is because you could change someone's life with just a small gesture of kindness. If you donate to them, you know your money is making an impact somewhere. A small act of kindness towards young Manny has led to the creation of a global organization that works to put millions of shoes on the feet of children and adults in the United States and the world at large. You can change the world with one kind gesture.
To donate and learn more about Samaritan's Feet, go to