Wednesday, November 4, 2015


When President Buhari started running for office, I remember being one of those people who used their platforms to advocate for change. Because I thought and believed that Nigeria was due a change because of the rising levels of unemployment, poverty and most of all corruption in the country during former President Jonathan's tenure. I and most of the other voices wanted a change and did what we could do, within our powers to promote Buhari's Agenda for change. I remember some Nigerians who were Jonathan's supporters commenting on my YouTube video; calling me a whore for wanting a change and desiring the end of corruption in Nigeria. I didn't let their ignorance and stupidity stop me from desiring a better life for my friends and family members who live in Nigeria. It's been about four months since President Buhari resumed office as President of Nigeria and our anxieties are growing. Of course, we have every reason to be anxious for the change that our country is long due, so that many lives will be saved from starvation and poverty and most of all death by Bokoharam. Security is also very very important to us.

President Buhari has just announced his 36 ministerial list and people are talking. The more controversial aspect of it is the part that has to do with having or not having a "PORTFOLIO." He recently spoke on the issue and said that the constitution requires the federation to have 36 ministers and not ministers with portfolios. “If I can remember, there must be a member from each of the 36 states. That was why I limited the number of my nominees to that number, 36. The Senate worked extremely hard, and they have passed all the nominees. I think there was some enthusiasm in some parts of the Presidency today that portfolios were to be given to the 36," said President Buhari. (This information was taken from Some ministers from the last administration are questioning the rationale Buhari has behind having ministers without portfolios. Buhari also stated that some of the minsters shall be given specific duties to carry out because improving the Nigerian economy is of utmost concern to him and he would do whatever it takes to achieve that. We hear you Mr. President and we, who voted for you, are watching closely to see the changes you will bring. We will be ready to talk about every move you make or not make, to make our beloved country great again. We have a voice and platforms now to be heard and seen by the WORLD!