Saturday, November 7, 2015


Hey guys I just couldn't wait any longer. I had to tell you all about an amazing organic product line that I have been using the last few months. A few months back one of my subscribers sent us a box of her handmade organic soaps and body butter to try. Boy, they are the best soaps and body butters my husband and I have ever used to date. The soaps are mild and soft. They have some beautiful natural scents. The body butter leaves your skin feeling and looking smooth after every use. Her name is Glennceria. Her business is called Glennceria Loving Hands. Boy, after using the soap, I could tell that they were made with some loving hands.

Here is a few pictures of her products and how you can purchase yours to try it out for yourself.
Body butter
A snapshot of Glennceria Loving Hands online store
Place your order here and I promise you won't be disappointed!