Tuesday, November 17, 2015

The Power Of Motherhood

In Africa, children are raised to become future caretakers of their parents. In most African families, women are the caretakers of the children. No wonder whenever a child goes over the edge or becomes disrespectful, the mother is blamed for raising an unruly child. Children spend most of their time with their mothers. When I was growing up, my mother would always say that the time and energy she invests in taking care of us is to prepare us for our future. Every child in Africa is expected to take care of their aging parents. This is why there are nearly no nursing homes in Africa. It is customary and expected for children to give back to their parents who raised them and contributed their success as adults.

In my recent book "THE POWER OF MOTHERHOOD," I described motherhood in Africa and the expectations that parents have of their children as they get older. I also highlighted how beneficial it would be for most parts of the world to learn from African mothers. For instance, if a child is raised with love and taught compassion, when he/she gets older, he will not only be compassionate towards his parents but to others as well. On the flip side, if a child is raised with a lot of hate and disdain, the child will only know how to be hateful and disdainful. Children are the products of their parents; especially their primary caretakers. That is why it is very important for parents to invest their time to teach their children good morals. When they get older, whatever foundation you set in them is what they build on and return back to you.
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