Monday, November 9, 2015


Hey guys, welcome to another exciting day on the blog. Today is a cold rainy day in Atlanta. I hope that all my Atlanta readers are keeping dry and staying warm?!I don't know about a lot of you but I have been following the White House 2016 Presidential debates and candidates. Many of them have some agendas that I find very promising while others have some agendas I find very questioning. For instance, I like Donald trump's plans about making America's economy great again, but I have a problem with some of the ways he plans on executing it. Although he is a very powerful businessman, who has a record level of success in business. His immigration policies have me wondering if he is someone I would want to vote for. (Not that I can vote right now). In recent interviews, when he was asked to explain how he intends to execute his immigration policies, he said that he would send all of the illegal immigrants back to Mexico. That means he will be separating families by forcing them back to the life they don't want to be a part of. I don't agree with the way he plans to execute his immigration policies. However, if there is anyone who can truly save the U.S. economy, I wouldn't look past Trump. Trump is still the front runner in the Republican race though. May be he should be voted special advisor to the president on economic issues?

Dr. Ben Carson, I like a lot because of his Christian background and his medical sacrifices. I think his plan to make America go back to the grassroots of family is great. I believe that focus on family is very important, especially for the wellbeing of any nation. But I'm a little skeptical about his plans of execution. His tax agenda is still not clear to me. But he is a good man. He has carried himself with grace and humility during this entire period. He seems to me a man of integrity. no wonder his numbers are going up in some polls.

Senator Marco Rubio stands out to me because he like Carson, was raised in humble background. They used what was available to them to achieve their American dreams. His candidacy is unique because he is the son of Cuban immigrants. He understands what it feels like to be immigrants living in a foreign country from his parent's perspectives and growing up. He also supports a flat tax rate. I still I'm not clear about the whole meaning of flat tax rate but I'm very interested to hear him say more about it and how he intends to execute it.

Carly Fiorina is a good candidate. I like her because she is very motivated and has restored a sinking company by herself before. She was criticized when she first took office as the CEO of Hewlett Packard. Despite all of the criticisms, she brought it back to life. Although she was fired from her position, what she did for the company can't be denied. Can she do the same for America? I would like to think so. But I don't want to be biased because I love women empowerment and would love to see a woman rule the world. For me, it goes beyond wanting to have the first woman president. I want to see a woman get the job that needs to be done, DONE!

Hilary Clinton; the Democratic front runner, has been running for president since I can remember. She has some proposals in her agenda that I like very much. Such as the plan to give mothers paid maternity leave, like most developed country do. I love that but I also know that America is a privatized country. The government can't force private companies to execute government policies as it concerns wages. I believe it can be done and in fact, I want it done but women need execution not mere promises. Clinton is so far ahead of the other Democratic candidates at this point that it seems like it is her against the GOP.

For the sake of time, length and not boring you with information. I will have to stop here. I have just highlighted all of the things that I like about these candidates. I didn't tell you who I would vote for if I could because like most Americans, it comes down to the final debates and when I get to the poling station. Good Luck to all the running candidates and may the one who has the right virtues and will stay true to their plans and agenda win!