Monday, November 30, 2015

Why Kirby Smart is the Best Choice for The University of Georgia Football by a Passionate UGA Fan!!

Moments ago a very passionate University of Georgia Football fan updated his Facebook status to express his honest opinions about why Alabama's Kirby Smart will be the best Head coach choice for UGA. This fan happens to be my lovely husband; Hunter Shumate. Read it in his own words...
Who else wants Kirby Smart as the next head coach of the DAWGS? Here's what i think he brings to the table. 1. Recruiting - Smart has been dominating recruiting in Georgia. He actually had relationships with many top coaches in the state. This would lead to homegrown talent staying home instead of leaving for Bama to play for Smart there. Recruiting is the lifeline in any program abd Smart has brought more talent to Bama from Georgia than anywhere. He also focuses on offensive line recruits which is something Georgia has not focused on so much in recent years.


2.We keep Jeremy Pruitt - Pruitt is a top DC in college football and an amazing recruiter. He won recruiter of the year and worked under Smart at Alabama. Pruitt has a great defense in the works at Georgia. #1 in pass yards allowed. #2 in redzone defense. #1 in first downs allowed and #8 in total defense. Pruitt will be a head coach soon so Smart will continue what Pruitt has started at UGA.
3.It hurts Bama- Bama has been king in the SEC for years now. Taking their top coordinator and best recruiter will hurt them. This is important if the DAWGS ever want to get past Saban in the future. Bama had this happen before with Pruitt leaving and experienced an effect in their DB recruiting because of it and no longer have All Americans at DB. Plus Smart will know Saban better than anybody which at least neutralizes that front since Saban knows smart better than anybody. There's also the possibility he brings a lot of his staff from Bama which is even better.

4. Smart can take us to the next level - Smart is young and has no head coaching experience, but he had been at Bama since Saban began there and knows what it takes to build a championship program. I'm sure without a doubt he will attempt to create the same culture here with Georgia's football team and considering the resources we have available he has a high chance at success. He has called defenses that have stopped even the best in college football. Pairing him with Pruitt will create a monster defense at Georgia even after Pruitt leaves. Recruits will want to come play defense at Georgia. I'm confident Smart can bring in someone to get the offense back on track. We have Chubb and hopefully Eason decides to still come. That's a good start to getting the offense back on track.