Friday, December 4, 2015

A Series On Confidence: Accepting Your Child, Flaws and All

If you don’t accept and appreciate your child the way he/she is, no one else will. No child has ever asked to be born or conceived. For you to be entrusted with such an amazing gift, it is your responsibility to accept and appreciate that gift in all of it’s flaws and glory. The confidence of a child grows or dies based on how that child is perceived and treated by his/her parents and caretakers. Children should be loved by parents unconditionally and without restraint. Your child is your product. When people come around your child, they see and judge the parent by whatever attitude he/she displays in public and in the company of others.

When I was younger, growing up in a large family my parents had favorites amongst us. Whenever they messed up or caused trouble between the other siblings, they would run to either my mom or dad to give their side of the story first before the others came because they knew that they would be protected by my parents. They took advantage of the love of my parents. I’m not telling you this story for the negative connotation but for you to see the closeness that can grow between a parent and their children. I don’t encourage parents to have favorites amongst their children because it is unfair on the other siblings whose needs come second to the favorite child. However, you could learn to treat all of your children equally well.

You could love and accept them in all their flaws without holding back. When you do that, when your children face the harsh judgment and criticism of the world, it will not force them to conform but to standout by embracing who they are un-apologetically. I’m sick of children dying and committing suicide in developed countries because of the harsh criticisms they face from bullies and other children who were raised by bad parents. Parents need to spend more time raising their children instead of creating monsters.