Wednesday, December 23, 2015

African Americans More Racist Towards Africans than Whites Are

Since I joined YouTube in 2014, I have had more racist comments and hate from African Americans than whites. Just this morning, an African American man commented some very racist statements on my blog. He asked me to take my jungle a** back to Africa, where I belong. See, I'm not offended because the same thing happened in junior college. Some of my teammates were angry because it seems to them like Africans like me, come from Africa and take what belongs to them. Some of them had a deep seated anger that is rooted in the slavery past of Blacks in America and often blamed me and my ancestors for selling them into slavery. It's very sad because I and my family had nothing to do with the trans-atlantic slave trade. Why should innocent Nigerians like myself have to constantly defend themselves for something we had nothing to do with?

I am very proud to be Nigerian because my people work very hard. Wherever we go, we set ourselves apart and shoot for highest honors regardless of whether we get it or not. That is why amongst very successful Blacks in America, you will find Nigerians. We take pride in hard work. Our work ethic is not dependent on how we are treated but how we are raised. I can't apologize for working hard and not treating people based on their race. I have had more Africans tell me of their negative experience with African Americans than those who have had good experiences. I wish the black race was more united than divided. Only Jesus can save us all! In the mean time, I'm UNAPOLOGETICALLY Nigerian!!

Trinidad Colorado