Thursday, December 10, 2015

Ayesha Curry's Take on Trends

Four days ago Ayesha Curry took to twitter to express her opinion about the ongoing fashion trend. Many women, especially black women were offended by her take on their cleavage exposing fashion trend. The truth is I agree with her. The media promotes sex and deceives those who are media illiterate to accept whatever trends are being set and followed by celebrities. It has become so notorious that these women who follow the nudity trends feel like it is their choice to choose and wear whatever they feel like wearing. That's exactly what Enlightened Sexism wants them to believe. It camouflages the information women have been consuming by sexualizing them to an insane level, while making the women feel and think like they are actually making the decisions to dress the way they want. I still have more respect for a woman who is modest in her dressing and covers up, over a woman who dresses like a stripper and expects to be respected and taken seriously. Yes, you are going to get a lot of attention when you dress provocatively but what kind of attention are you getting? If the intention is to get a husband, the truth is you don't have to be almost naked to score a worthwhile man. What kind of home do you want to build? If a man falls for your body and marries you, your body is going to change. If that's all you have, prepare to be alone because a shallow man like that, will move on to another woman who has a more perky and gorgeous body. Let's not hate on Ayesha for stating the obvious; which a lot of women are blind to. Choose classy over trendy!

Ayesha's Take on Latest Trends