Wednesday, December 30, 2015


Hey guys, my husband and I decided to share a secret with you all. For those of you who love Mexican food and are looking for your next amazing Mexican restaurant, look no further than El Charros at Griffin Square, facing the WalMart Super Store. Guys, this restaurant serves amazing Mexican food and the price is under $10. Their portion sizes are large and would leave you full and satisfied. You are pretty much getting your money's worth with this one and your tastebuds will thank you later as well. When you get the chance to check out El Charros, give combination #23 a chance. This combination is my family's favorite. You will get a burrito with tomato sauce, some beans and fried rice on a plate and then an additional plate of chili reno. This stuff puts you in Mexican food heaven. Here is the address to El Charros 1501 N Expy, Griffin, GA 30223 and yes, when you get there, tell them Hunter and Maryam Shumate sent you. you are welcome *smiles*