Tuesday, December 1, 2015


Yesterday, nearly a hundred African American pastors met with U.S. Republican Presidential candidate, Donald Trump at his famous Trump Tower in New York, to discus what he could and would do for the black community if they voted him president. It turns out that no clear policies were discussed. This is evident from a live interview that was conducted between TV ONE's Commentator; Roland Martin and Pastor Steve Parson of Richmond Christian Center. The meeting supposedly lasted for two and a half hours and yet nothing specific to the problems facing African Americans were discussed. It is such a shame to think that community leaders who should have the people's interest at heart are using the gospel to cover up their greed that is so blatant for the world to see. For people who do not know the gospel and God's word for themselves, it is very easy for greedy pastors like these to deceive them. Anyways guys, watch the interview and judge for yourselves. This was the same issue with some celebrities who endorsed the former president of Nigeria and his wife who was going around encouraging violence against people who were expressing their human rights through free speech.

WATCH: Roland Martin Clashes With Black Pastor Over Lack Of Specifics & Policy In Meeting With Donald Trump

Posted by Roland Martin on Tuesday, 1 December 2015