Friday, December 11, 2015

Michelle Obama's Rap Video About Higher Education

A few days ago I came across a viral video on my Facebook timeline, which featured the first lady of the United States of America; Michelle Obama, rapping about the importance of college. I really liked the video. In fact, I loved it very much because it is the same message that I preach on all my platforms. College matters and makes a world of difference. Regardless of what anybody else says, it is a sure path to change and improve your life. I appreciate the fact that Mrs. Obama is using one of the most popular platforms(hip/hop) to reach out to today's young people, in order to educate and enlighten them about the importance of higher education. Her video collaboration is so timely because the message she conveys coincides with the message I shared in my book "Maryam Shumate's Blueprint for Academic Success." Education is such a valuable tool that changes and improves lives. A message that the first lady is passionate about. She also has free online tools to help aspiring college and high school students to compare and contrast tuition rates among universities and colleges. Her online tools also give a clear understanding and perspective of the location and situation of their desired campuses.
If you are interested in learning more about the first lady's free tool visit I have embedded the first lady's rap video on this post for you to check out for yourself. Enjoy watching and share with others.

Can you imagine a cooler First Lady!? #MichelleObama

Posted by on Friday, 11 December 2015