Thursday, December 3, 2015

Only Broken People Break Others

Hey you reading this, stop giving an excuse to stay in an abusive relationship. There is no number of excuses you give on behalf of an abuser that will make him/her treat you any better. You have a choice to make. Your life will only improve and get better when you break away from an abuser. The reason so many people feel stuck and are not making any kind of progress or good of themselves is most often because of the kind of people they spend their time with. Your company is either empowering or disempowering you, building you or breaking you, lifting you up or pulling you down. It's as easy as that. It is not your job to help people who break and pull you down realize that they need help. First, you have to get help away from them. You have got so much potential in you, waiting to be tapped and developed. You don't need someone to halt your life because if they are not helping you grow, they are not supposed to be in your life. I hope that this short inspirational piece encourages you to change your circle! Have a blessed day! For more inspiration, pick up a copy of my books: "Maryam Shumate's Blueprint for Academic Success and The Power of Motherhood," both available on AMAZON.COM

Throwback Photo from North Georgia Mountains