Friday, December 25, 2015

Star Wars: The Force Awakens Breaks World Record Despite Racists' Planned Boycott

Star Wars: The Force Awakens breaks Global Box Office records. Amidst plans by a group of white people to boycott it because of the black storm trooper, the 7th installment of the series still broke Box Office records and is trending on social media world wide by grossing over $391 million dollars in it's first week domestic showing. This puts the 7th installment ahead of Jurassic World's $296.2 million record sales. These numbers and stats were reported by Forbes. The reason I'm interested in writing about it is to encourage myself and someone out there. Do not give up on your dream and self because of the naysayers and unbelievers. Chase your dreams no matter what they are. Let your success silence your naysayers and enemies. On this note, may the force be with you!