Saturday, December 26, 2015


Our recent trip to Trinidad, Colorado was one of the best trips I have been on. This is mainly because of my husband’s presence with me and seeing my host family after 3 years of being away. When I lived in Colorado about 3 years ago, I always dreamt about a day I would go back and visit the families who became my family, during my college career. They didn’t have to care for me or be there for me like they did. They did more for me than many of my blood relatives ever did. Their love and care for me was second to none. For being so loved by families who had no reason to love me and for being celebrated by people who are not even my kin, I had every reason to go back and share the new phase of my life with them. My husband experienced the love himself when we visited my host families. I can’t thank these families enough and I can’t be grateful to God enough for blessing me with such caring and loving people to call host families.

Why I think Everyone Should Visit Trinidad, Colorado

Trinidad is a mountainous city located in Las Animas county, Colorado. The city is situated 75 Miles South of Pueblo and 116 Miles South of Colorado Springs. According to the 2012 census the population is about 8,771 and it’s landmass is 6.3 square miles. It seats at an elevation of 6, 010 ft. It is a beautiful city that takes pride in it’s simplicity of life. There are beautiful ranches and wide space of land in the city. The movie theater often plays the latest movies the very day they are released in the country and the ticket prices are under $10. Trinidad is a beautiful place for anyone seeking a new adventure and an open mountainous space to enjoy some of the amazing outdoors and beautiful sceneries that Colorado has to offer. The surrounding towns of Trinidad are equally as beautiful and can be seen on the top of mountains in Trinidad. My husband and I had the pleasure and privilege of hiking up my host family’s trail and it was one of the most gorgeous trails I had ever been on. We could see the Spanish peaks and Sangre de Cristo from their property. The views were beautiful and breathtaking. If you are interested in visiting Trinidad, Colorado visit this website for more information about the area and everything it has to offer. I could go on and on about our experience and the beauty of Trinidad but it won’t matter until you check it out for yourself. Thanks for visiting my blog today. Enjoy the rest of your day.

Pictures from Our Hiking Adventures