Wednesday, January 6, 2016


Hey wonderful, hope your day is going well so far?! I know that my previous posts on the confidence series covered some grass-root areas of human life and communications. Starting with the first place of socialization in the home-front, while emphasizing the important roles of the primary agents of socialization to the development of our confidence. To refresh our memories- these primary agents of socialization include: the mom, dad, siblings, pastors, friends, etcetera. These are people who are present in the environment in which a child is raised. Our early interaction with these agents determine how our minds are shaped and that in turn influences our actions and lives in general. We build the blueprint of our lives from our early interactions in our families and environment.
Now back to the present... There are other ways to build your confidence as an adult that can influence your performance at your job or school work. Here is a question for you; Have you ever been so nervous about a project or presentation that left you feeling like you didn't prepare enough for it? I have and I also quickly learned how to overcome that feeling. Confidence as it relates to performance I have discovered, means preparation plus faith. Let me explain. I have realized from experience, talking to people and reading research studies that the more prepared you are about a project or presentation the less nervous and fearful you will be. Instead of feeling like you haven't done enough, you have a feeling of empowerment welling up inside you. You feel empowered and hopeful that you will do the best that you can with all of the information that you have gathered.

In stead of worrying about what you can't do or the "what ifs" (what if I screw up, what if I forget everything I researched, what if I fail, etcetera), you focus all of your energy and time on what you know, what you can do and have prepared for. Although there's always the chance that something outside of your control might happen, you won't make it your job to worry about it. In this case, confidence is the art of knowing and being okay with the fact that you can't always control the outcome of a situation. Confidence is far from perfection. It is accepting who you are; your flaws, your limitations and your abilities. So next time you are given a project to handle at work or school, make sure to do you best at researching all of the information that you can about it, as much as you can. That way, when it's time for your execution and presentation you will be too busy making things happen to worry about "what ifs."

Before I sign off, I want you to take this with you: Confidence is not the absence of flaws and fear, it is the belief and hope that you're capable and will deliver what is required of of you, to achieve your desired goal and meet your expectations. I hope this piece helps you. Until next time, I appreciate you for stopping by *winks*!

I was named to the Georgia State University All-Academic Team because I applied this principle I have just shared with you.