Saturday, January 9, 2016

DEAR WENDY WILLIAMS; The Female Breasts are Biologically Made for Breastfeeding

3 days ago Wendy Williams had Alyssa Milano on her show to discuss Alyssa's advocacy for normalizing breastfeeding. That interview solidified my opinion on Wendy as a product of the media and I don't mean that in a good way. She advocates for people to say what they have to say like they mean it and here's my take and message for Wendy.
Dear Wendy Williams, I have three questions for you:

1. Wendy, why do women's breasts develop and create milk when they are pregnant?

2. Why are female breasts biologically called mammary glands?

3. Why are all health professionals advocating for more women to breastfeed their babies?

Wendy, while you think about your answers to my questions, here's something else I'd like to refresh your memory on(in case you have forgotten). Here's a series of important questions that I want you to see as rhetorical questions for the purpose of enlightenment. Why do women fight sexism? What is the cause and effect of sexism?

Sexism in the work place has led to unequal opportunities for women in comparison to men. That is why to this day, women get paid relatively less than men for the same job. Women used to be relegated to certain careers and fields because men at the time didn't think that women had the brains or mental capacity to take on fields like Science, Engineering, etcetera. For some who believed women should have some kind of formal education, they believed that the best roles for women were as secretaries, teachers and nurses. However, for most men and some women, women's roles were to entertain men sexually, raise children and care for the home-front. Women were seen as sexual properties for men's pleasure and that was it. When the age of media rolled around, the moguls were concerned about profit. When porn started infiltrating the media, they looked at how much profit was being made each year and within a short period of time and that Mrs. Wendy, changed everything! It became necessary for these moguls to find a way to incorporate the female body into their programs and make it enticing to draw men's attention- making them pay to see more. Th sexualization of the female body spiked profit for the media moguls. These moguls kept reinventing porn images and subtly introducing them to mainstream media all with the intention of making it more acceptable for viewers and socializing them to sexualize women's bodies. You know what sexualization of the woman's body leads to Wendy? It makes men and women see the female anatomy as objects that are used for entertainment. That is why some experts have linked pornography to the increase of sexual violence against women. When the viewer is exposed to the same pervasive content over and over again, you know what happens? He/she starts believing it's underlying message and become desensitized to it's negativity and lies. The fact that sex and the sexualization of the woman's body is always bombarding us from the media does not negate or change the fact that women's breasts are primarily meant for breastfeeding.

My heart breaks for the new generation of media viewers. These young girls are taught by the media to see themselves first as sexual objects and their breasts as sexual objects to draw and keep men's attention on them. While young boys are taught to view the female body as an object of their sexual pleasure. The evil of this type of perception is that it detaches the humanity of women in the eyes of men who view them primarily as sexual objects. Objects don't have feelings. Objects are people's properties. Objects are treated as the owner seems fit. It is in this sense that women advocacy groups fight for the media to stop misrepresenting the female anatomy as Sexual Object. Wendy, I must tell you that it is the misrepresentation of the female anatomy by the media that has influenced you and millions of other women around the world to view themselves as sexual objects. Many older women like you Wendy and millions of young girls have subscribed to the message that the female body is an object of sexual entertainment for men's consumption. The media has also prescribed with subtlety how this object should be dressed. Hence, unnecessary exposure of cleavage that is called fashion trends clad with the deception of being fashionable and up with the latest celebrity trends. Millions of women buy into these trends thinking that they are fully aware of what they are doing and enjoy doing it. Majority of these trend chasers think that they make their own decisions to wear whatever they do and the media has nothing to do with those decisions. If you are one of those people reading this, here's a wake up call. These decisions you think you make on your own, have been inspired in you by the media content you are exposed to and there's a term for it. It is called Enlightened Sexism. Granted, there's no man somewhere forcing you to wear figure hugging, skimpy and cleavage showing clothes- but the content you have consumed and still are consuming is what is influencing you to make that decision. That is Enlightened Sexism in a nutshell. Instead of being forced to dress sexually provocatively and objectifying by someone, you are willingly doing it to yourself because the media glamorizes it. These young girls now sexualize and objectify themselves in the same way that men used to do to women.

Wendy, I'd expect you to already know all of this because after all you often talk about your undergrad education in the media. See Wendy, I have to say that after your recent interview and public shaming of breastfeeding mamas on your recent interview with Alyssa, I highly doubt your media literacy diploma. The reason for this is that if you really did study the media, you would know that the number one goal is profit. You should know this because you host The Wendy Williams Show. Your producers and promoters would not keep you on air if you were not bringing in the profit. Now back to where I was heading. The most profiting segments of most media content are segments that sexualize the woman's body. And this Mrs. Wendy is what you subscribe to and also praise on your show more than you'd think. I'm not surprised that you shame breastfeeding mamas and here is why. When Alyssa asked you what the primary use of the female breasts was, your response was a disgrace to me as I would think it is also to many other women, who know and understand what the breasts are primarily meant for. To you, the breasts are sexual and are to remain so. Where were you when your Biology instructor was giving lectures on the female anatomy Wendy? Oh wait! You have often talked about "dipping and doing it," in college. So it is easy for me to guess that while your classmates were being taught the biological use of the breasts you were knocked out in your dorm room from an overnight party or maybe high on drugs and alcohol. I apologize if this comes out harshly Mrs. Wendy, but as one of your viewers, I have learned to SAY IT LIKE I MEAN IT(SILYMI). Surely you won't blame me for that. I have also heard you say on your show many times than I can number "what happened to the era when people were obsessed with boob jobs,"(paraphrased). Somehow you think the current obsession on butt jobs is taking away from your boob job. Don't get me wrong, I think it's totally a woman's choice to decide whether or not to get a boob or butt job. However, I'm not blind to the visuals that bombard me on television of women like yourself Wendy, who excessively expose their cleavage anywhere they desire. Why is it okay for you to expose your cleavage and show scantily clad celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Pam Anderson but not okay for breastfeeding mamas to feed their hungry children wherever, whenever and however they demand it? Why should a breastfeeding mama have to take her child to a public bathroom to eat? Why should she cover her child while she breastfeeds him/her? Mrs. Wendy, you have talked about not shaking people's hands because you are germaphobic and you have also talked about how much disease and germs are in the public bathrooms. Why do you advocate for breastfeeding mamas to feed their children in the car, bathrooms or in hiding?

You often talk about people's rights and here you are trying to take away the most natural right that any mother and her child could ever have. I could go on for hours trying to make you see the foolishness in your beliefs and opinions toward the breasts and breastfeeding mamas but I'm not. You have now become a product of the pervasiveness of the media. Instead of using your platform to encourage women to do the most natural thing there is to do(breastfeeding), you are using it to promote Enlightened Sexism and the Sexual Objectification of the woman's body. I will resign by saying that there are many things that people learn in college and there are many things that age and experience teach people but Wendy if at age 52 and counting, you still believe in the Sexual Objectification of the female body, I fear for the next generation. To this effect, I say God help us all!!