Sunday, January 31, 2016

Donald Trump, Viewed Least Favorably Among Presidential Candidates

When this current presidential race started, I was very excited to watch the debates. Mainly because of the notoriety of Donald Trump. His lack of filter and sugarcoating lured me in to learn more about him and what he is prosing to bring to the White House, if elected. That was the biggest mistake I ever made. I soon learned that Trump is highly un-presidential and disrespectful. Nothing about his demeanor and approach to other candidates is presidential. He is so disrespectful and lacks common sense in terms of approach. He often refers to his success in the real estate industry as the best work he's ever done and that he would bring that same business acumen to the White House. What he doesn't realize is that to become a president you have to carry yourself with respect and be a servant-leader. Something that trump wouldn't know anything about. You've got to learn to put other people's needs ahead of yours. You're coming into a position where millions of lives depend on you. His bigotry and lack of respect for other races, religions and cultures just goes to show how unqualified he is to occupy the oval office. According to a recent Gallup poll, Trump is one of the least favorably viewed candidate since 1992. I'm not surprised at all. It seems like more people are finally coming to terms with the joke that is Trump. Frankly, he is too old to be acting and talking as disrespectfully like he does. Young people like me who believe in looking up to and emulating the older generations can't look up to Trump for character model. In fact, when we look at him, we see the exact opposite of what we don't want to emulate and be like. He epitomizes what America does not want in a president. The biggest lesson I have learned from watching Trump is that money can't buy wisdom, common sense, and intelligence.