Wednesday, January 27, 2016


As many of you already know, Flint, Michigan is undergoing a lead-poison water crisis. Every sane and responsible individual would understand that lives are at stake and this issue is a very serious and life-threatening one, for the residents of Flint. But of course, there will be some dumb, irresponsible black man who makes a mockery out of the whole situation. By using this very serious issue to attack black women's personal hygiene. Not only is it very disrespectful and demeaning for a man to call women he doesn't know hoes, or whores because they are black (refer to my last post; Plight of a Black Woman, and you'd understand more), it goes to show how disrespected black women are in their own communities by some black men; like Gilbert Arenas. It is such a shame and disgrace that a public figure like him, who should be a good role model in black communities, is leading the pac of men who disrespect black women and are guilty of misogyny. I am so disappointed in him, but more so in the NBA, for tolerating a player with such a horrible attitude and an unpleasant tract record in issues concerning women. Before you start judging, here are the Instagram posts he made about female residents of Flint, Michigan, as reported by
What do the preceding posts from a "supposed" role model tell you about his character? He is completely mocking the residents of Flint's current predicament and making light of such a dire need. For those of you who don't already know, Arenas is notorious for causing trouble and fighting. All you have to do is look him up on and you'll find all there is to know about this disgrace of a person. What a shame?!
Gilbert Arenas is a disgrace to the NBA!