Wednesday, January 6, 2016


It was a hassle trying to purchase and download "The Secret," yesterday on iTunes after reading it's sample. I first heard about it while I was reading Donald Trump's "Think Big and Kick Ass," about a week ago. Back to my initial ordeal; so when I purchased the book on iTunes, there was a technical difficulty on the process and it didn't work but something crazy happened. I was charged for it but didn't get it. This happened at about 12:47 a.m. Jan 5, 2016. I decided to wait until later in the day to call iTunes support team for assistance. I finally called them at 10:00 a.m. Eastern Time. After looking at my account and purchase history on their end, they asked me to try repurchasing it. I did but I got charged a second time for an undelivered good. I was told by the sweet lady on the support line that they normally don't charge twice for an item that was not delivered. They said one would clear and the second would be refunded. It turned out that after I had gone off the phone with this friendly lady, not only was I charged but I didn't get the book either. At this point I was starting to get discouraged. Earlier on the call, the lady had suggested that maybe my device wasn't compatible with the book's software. I told her that I used the latest iOS software and one of the most recent iPhones. She said weird compatibility issues could happen and mine might be one them regardless of my device.
When I realized that I had been charged again for the book without getting it, I called back the iTunes help line. Told them my situation and provided a case number that was given to me when I initially called them about 10 minutes earlier. The lady who was assigned to assist me was equally as nice and warm like the first one. She just immediately started a refund process for me. I thanked her for her assistance and we ended the call. In conclusion, I went back to iBooks on my phone just out of routine, and lo and behold; "The Secret" has miraculously appeared and was fully downloaded, waiting for me to enjoy. I was so happy that it was there because I had been looking forward to reading it because the sample was very captivating and I was curious to see where it would lead me. Need I tell you that, it is one of the best books on leadership that I have read to date!

The authors Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller did an outstanding job. No wonder the book has sold over ten million copies and has continued to be a best seller in it's category. Blanchard and Miller's illustrative style of writing captivated and kept me glued to be book from start to finish. The only time that I took a break from reading this amazing book was when I had to take a bathroom break and the other time was when I had to make dinner for my family. I completed the whole book with 3 hours. To sum up my experience, yesterday turned to be an amazing day. A day well spent by being productive and learning new ways to build my leadership skills through reading.

For anyone out there looking for a book to motivate and teach them how to become a better leader/servant-leader, look no further than The Secret. All of the pieces of information provided in it are very useful and spot-on. The language was straight forward and easy to grasp. You will learn about the secret of great leaders and leadership. Most of all, you will learn about what to do and how to become a great leader. You're welcome *smiles* This book is available on iTunes, Google Play and in hardcover.

My year is off to a great start! Thanks for taking the time to visit my blog today. I hope you have a wonderful day ahead!

I highly Recommend This Book to anyone desiring to improve their leadership skills!!