Friday, January 22, 2016


Hey guys, I'm sure a majority of you have heard about the ongoing water crisis at Flint, Michigan by now. It is very devastating to think that the Governor knew about the situation earlier but waited to act on it, until children started falling sick and a lot of damage had already been done. Makes me wonder if people's lives matter only when their socio-economic status is at the higher spectrum of the society. Nothing is more daunting and devastating than putting the lives of innocent children, who are the future of the world, at high risk for commercial gains. I think it's ridiculous that certain officials in the community and the state waited to act until social media and people in that community started crying out for help. Now they are trying to act innocent to save their jobs or faces. Whatever it is they are trying to save doesn't negate the fact that they didn't care, until much damage had already been done. My prayers go out to the families in the community of Flint. Thank God for the good people in nearby communities and around the country, who are helping the residents of Flint with clean bottled water and schools, that are offering free lead screening for children. My prayer is that the amount of lead that these poor children have injested does not cause a lasting and irreversible damage to their overall wellbeing. Here's how you can help the community with clean water: Go to FLINT WATER FUND. This is a website that was set-up by United Way Genesee County to assist the struggling families in the community. This picture was taken from Can you see the population description on it? It makes me want to ask these questions: Why should the poor have to be subjected to the most subservient treatment in this country? Do people's lives only matter when they are rich and live in rich neighborhoods? A lot has to be addressed in Flint, Michigan and the country at large. No life is and should be dispensable! Thanks for stopping by. I will catch you on the next blog post.