Tuesday, January 26, 2016

More Women Are Killed In Abusive Relationships Than Is Reported

One of the worst things that could ever happen to anybody is living for somebody's approval. Women fall in this trap most of the time because they are emotional and are wired to connect with people that way. They tend to allow their emotions to control their decisions, even when the truth is obviously staring them in the face. For instance, most women in abusive relationships don't want to get out of those relations because they have been broken and made to feel like they deserve to be abused. Such women have given away their power to these abusive buffoons of men; who make them feel unworthy of love.
There are two categories or groups of abuse victims. The first group of abuse victims are women who did not get into that relationship knowing that their partner had abusive tendencies. The second is a group of women who attract abusive men and feel like they deserve men like that. Those that belong to the second category usually makeup reasons to go back to their abuser. About three years ago in college, I took a course in women's studies that covered a wide variety of topics regarding women. One of the most fascination topics that we covered in that class was one that focused on abuse victims. All of the contributing researchers to this topic agreed that most women in abusive relationships are too scared to leave it because they have been threatened by their abusers. These abusers use death threats to keep their victims in check and from reporting to the appropriate authority. They often threaten to kill their victim's family members, if they suspect that the victims are planning to run away or call the authority on them. And then there's another group of abused women who have the opportunity to walk out of an abusive relationship but don't walk away because they have convinced themselves that they deserve to be abused by their boyfriends or spouses. The truth is no one deserves to be abused by their significant other. If someone loves you, he/she would not abuse you. Love and abuse have nothing in common. I also learned in that class that more women are killed in abusive relationships than is reported. It is very sad what a lot of people put up with in relationships.

So if you are reading this and you are in an abusive relationship, there is help for you. There are organizations that are dedicated to helping people like you but you have to be willing to be helped. You could start by calling the police and letting them know what is going on and they will come and get you wherever you are and connect you to the appropriate shelters and organizations that cater to people like you. Just know that you are not alone and that you don't deserve to suffer in silence. God bless you for stopping by today. Remember **DIAL 911** the next time someone tries to abuse you or if you're with an abusive partner that has threatened your life or that of anyone you know. Let's all opt to speak up against domestic violence!