Monday, January 11, 2016

Notable 2016 Golden Globe Winners

A few weeks before the Golden Globes Awards which took place last night, I saw a meme going around that was making fun of the fact that Leonardo DiCaprio had never won any movie awards. Although the meme was meant to be funny, I didn't see the fun in it. I guess after that meme and realization that a great actor such as DiCaprio had not received any awards for his often stellar performances in movies, I started rooting for him. The day finally came and DiCaprio snagged the award for Best Actor in a Drama. My husband and I cheered very loudly when his name was announced as the winner. Another notable winner was Taraji P. Henson. It's very encouraging and inspiring to see black actresses win top awards. This was her first nomination and win for Best Actress in a Drama series. I enjoyed seeing the pride and joy that she showed when she accepted the award and gave her reception speech. I'd like to end this post by congratulating all the other winners from last night and the nominees as well.

Leonardo DiCaprio; 2016 Golden Globes Winner for Best Actor in a Drama
Taraji P. Henson; 2016 Golden Globes Winner for Best Actress in a Drama Series