Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Review of Jurriaan Kamp's "The Intelligent Optimist's Guide To Life."

Hey guys, here I come again with another exciting book review. Before I go into the review, I'd like to share something personal with you all. At the beginning of this year, I made up my mind to read more. I enjoy the journey that a book has the power to take me on each time I turn it's pages open. So far, I have read three books that I really liked. These books have been mostly on career development and how to become a better entrepreneur and business woman.
Jurriaan Kamp's The Intelligent Optimist's Guide to Life is a very good read.
The book is about retraining developing a more positive outlook to life. The author presented a very wide and diverse range of scientific and social studies and research to show the relationship between optimism and progress. Kamp's illustrative style of writing brings the reader to a personal level of understanding the text. He draws examples from his childhood and family of how an optimistic outlook is more powerful and life changing than a pessimistic outlook. There is a particular phrase that I really like from the book. A pessimist has never made any major invention that changed the world. Of course this is paraphrased in my own words. He explained in details how the constant global advancement the world is seeing is because of those optimists who chose to see possibilities instead of impossibilities. I can't tell you everything he said in the book but I can share an excerpt from the book with you. Here's the summary of what the book is about.

____ No matter what happens, you’re not a victim. It’s up to you to determine your response.

____ Embrace your life’s purpose. Make your own unique contribution that turns your environment into a bet- ter place and fulfills you.

____ Make the reality your reality.

____ Don’t be distracted by the overwhelmingly negative news around you. Instead, read The Intelligent Optimist!

____ Don’t look back too often. Keep yourself open to today’s new opportunities.

____ Keep good company. Listen to your friends and loved ones, but don’t become dependent on what others think of you.

____ Be grateful for everything life has given you and for every step forward you can take.

____ Make sure you laugh often. Don’t take yourself too seriously.
Go check this book out!

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