Monday, January 4, 2016


I'm sick of hearing black people call natural kinky hair bad hair. I'm sick of hearing people praise weaves and permed hair while shaming natural women who are embracing their natural hair. Women who have made the decision to embrace their natural, untouched and unrelaxed hair deserve appreciation and love because they are unashamed and unafraid to embrace, rock and own their ethnicity. I love it because it is an undisputed way of saying this is who they are and they are unapologetic about it.
I think that a lot of people are illiterate and ill-informed of the literal and connotative meaning of "GOOD OR BAD," thereby leading them to wrongly associate it with hair types. First of all, I think it is an anomaly to associate the adjectives "GOOD OR BAD," to somebody's natural god-given hair. the reason for this is that people are born with the hair they are born with and their natural hair is beautiful! If the already stated adjectives must be used, my suggestion is that they are used in terms of hair care. For instance someone can be referred to as having a bad hair because they have not kept is clean and groomed. Even in cases like this one, I would use the adjectives with caution. Bad hair or good hair should never be used to describe hair types. Especially in relation to ethnicities and nationalities because all ethnic hair types are beautiful.

What makes a hair type beautiful is not because it's silky, curly, wavy, kinky, or straight. What makes it beautiful is how well it is taken care of. Every texture and type of hair is beautiful because it is a mark of the owner's heritage. I wish that more women would love and embrace their god-given hair types and texture without feeling bad or being judgmental about it and each other's.

If you are with a perm, don't shame others who are not. Embrace your own truth and let other women embrace theirs. Natural sisters have been and are still being hair shamed because they have chosen to ditch relaxers and perms to embrace their god-given hair texture and type. I think everyone should learn from them because it takes courage to decide to let your fro grow and embrace it in the face of harsh criticism within and outside one's community.

Be encouraged lady reading this who is struggling with loving and embracing your natural hair because the people in your circle and community don't appreciate it. You could try changing your circle to one that embraces and supports you. In conclusion, I'd like to say that in referring to hair texture or type, their is no such thing as "BAD OR GOOD. Because everything that God created is beautiful and that includes all hair types/textures, all skin tones and all ethnicities. I hope that more people would STOP referring to hair types and textures as good or bad but instead would use the adjectives ONLY when talking about synthetic hair because they are not real hair!

Beautiful Curly Hair
Beautiful Straight Hair
Beautiful Coily Hair
Beautiful Afro
Beautiful Kinky Hair