Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Do black lives matter only when the black men are the victims? Does a life matter only if it is a particular gender? Just last night, I read a shocking news post about a black single mother who had been murdered by an unknown black man because she turned down his interest in her at a bar. According to the news report, he followed her out and shot her in the chest for that. The crazy thing is that many more women have been killed by angry black men who can't stand to take a rejection from a black woman. What is heartbreaking is the fact that many of these crimes go unreported and documented. Hundreds of thousands of black women get threatened by their partners if they plan to report the abuse they encounter everyday for fear of being murdered or a family member being hurt. It's obvious that stories like this don't get picked up by the media because they are not often reported. I find it rather repulsive that they are not talked about by prominent black figures and supporters of Black Lives Matter.

Black Lives Matter shouldn't only focus on black men that are being killed by the cops and non-black people. There many movements that stand up for the rights of black men but not black women. My question is; why can't these movements be more inclusive? Does anyone want to share and stand up for the plight of black women in black communities? Women who are being murdered by black men who feel entitled to their time and attention but get angry when they don't get it? Why aren't people talking about black women who are being gang raped and harassed by black men because they refused their sexual advances? I'm aware of some black men who comment on news feeds about black women who had been killed by black men, who were angry after being rejected by these women, blaming the dead for not being respectful of the murderers and accepting their advances. If this is not the height of evil, what is? Comments like this make it clear what black women are dealing with in predominantly black communities in America. National and states stats show that black women are more likely and most often harassed and attacked by black men than any other race. On the flip side, black men rarely attack non-black women. This should be an eyeopener for everyone who cares out there that black women need more protection from their abusers than anyone cares to state.

Issues involving black women need to be addressed more often than they have been in the recent years and months. I am so honored to be one of those women who have public platforms that can be used to push these agendas further. My hope is that more people get involved and start showing more sympathies and care for the plight of black women than has ever been shown.