Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Hey guys. Hope everyone of you is doing good?! Today's post is about exercising your citizen power through voting. I just wanted to remind and encourage some of you out there who have not got their voters' registration done to make haste and do it because it is about to end. It is your right as a citizen of the United States of America and wherever in the world you are from, to exercise your right to vote. Your vote matters and can be the difference that would place the right leader in a government position, to serve your country and community. Let us not be like those people who make all the noise but don't put in the effort to be the change they want to see. What I mean by that is; if we want godly leaders, we have to go out and vote for godly candidates. Don't allow the moral decadence and craziness happening around the world to discourage you from exercising your right. Voting is power. The kind of power that different groups had to fight for in the past. Women had to fight to be given the right to vote and African Americans also had to fight to win the right to vote. By fight, I don't mean a physical battle, I mean civil, legal and in some cases physical battles to be given the right to vote. Now is the time to take advantage of that right and put it to great use. Let us make this country better by voting the right candidates into various offices of Government. On another note, while I was writing this post, my sweet man announced to me that he had just registered to vote and of course I screamed with joy. It is important to me that my family exercise their right to vote. For those of you who are not yet aware this, you don't have to leave your house for a registration center to register to vote. You can do it in the convenience of your home, on your computer just like my husband did. Visit your state website and you will find the directions on how to do it online. Register to Vote Today!