Saturday, January 2, 2016


Hey guys, hope your New Year is off to a great start?! This post is very dear to my heart and it is an area I have done an extensive study and research in. For the purpose of not overwhelming any of you with my research and researchers who contributed to all of the materials on Feminism that I covered in college, I'll discuss my findings and conclusion with you. Feminism is NOT the right of women to be naked when and wherever they go. Neither is it the right of women to sexually objectify themselves and other women. The age of social media has polluted and distorted the definition of feminism and somehow young women are getting the meaning twisted. This is why I'm taking the time to cover the topic. After all, what is the use of getting an education without sharing your knowledge?! I enjoy sharing mine. A lot of women and men associate the qualities and definition of Enlightened Sexism to Feminism. Enlightened Sexism is the idea that women have conquered the age of being sexually objectified by men and have acquired the power to sexually objectify themselves the way that men used to and still do for their pleasure. It is the false idea that women have gained an equal status with men to be treated like sexual objects with their full consent. The media has succeeded in selling women the false information that they are now empowered to sexually objectify themselves for their own gain. For many years, the media has promoted sexually demeaning messages to the viewers, while fully objectifying women. What used to be soft pornography has now become a part of popular culture to the extent that viewers have become desensitized to the moral decadence. For instance, the beginning of rap music was clouded by misogynistic lyrics and rappers who treated women like sexual objects. During that period in history, women were seen as their fathers' and husbands' properties. Men could abuse their women without getting criminal charges for it. We can't deny the fact that things have changed. It is the fights of feminists that led to the creation of laws and legislation that protect women and their rights to be individuals, independent and to be able to buy properties without a male partner standing by her side.

Feminists did not fight for women's rights to objectify themselves. In fact, they did the exact opposite of that. The next time you find yourself or anyone you know saying that feminism is the right of women to be naked or objectify themselves, stop yourself or him/her. Feminism is the idea of equality between men and women in terms of equal pay, equal opportunities, equal rights to vote, right to buy properties and many more. In a nutshell, Feminism is the right of women to equal social, political and economic opportunities as men. That is why women can be scientists, doctors, astronauts and many more, instead of the stereotypical roles of being housewives, nurses, secretaries, pilots, drivers, law enforcement agents, soldiers, caretakers and men's entertainment objects. Although a lot of boundaries have been broken by women all over the world, there is still much work to be done to close the gap between the genders. Enlightened Sexism is a strategy created by the male dominated media to deceive women into thinking that they are actually making the decision to be naked and sexually objectify themselves. The media usually uses subtle images to convey the poisonous message to young girls and boys thereby disempowering the women in the long run to only embrace stereotypical roles instead of breaking boundaries in science, arts and so on. The reason that female entertainers dress provocatively in their performances is to appeal to the male dominated industry for acceptance. These female performers are seen sexually objectifying themselves and others to appeal to the men who control the industry and the goal is to be accepted. If you ask me, that is the biggest form of exploitation of the womanhood. That is exactly what Feminists are against!

This is Enlightened Sexism
This is Feminism
This is Enlightened Sexism
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