Saturday, January 16, 2016


December 2011, I got a T-mobile phone and line. I got a new blackberry phone from them. My bills started pouring in and I noticed that it was stable. Every month was different and unreliable, yet I stayed with them after calling customer service and they assured me that they would fix the problem. I was their unlimited plan for minutes, texts and data. However, I bought international minutes from rebtel. T-Mobile started charging me for international calls. I called and asked why, they said I was using their tower to make the call. Mind you, Verizon, AT&T and Sprint don't charge you for using your phone to make international calls with minutes that you bought from a third party. Another thieving and unreliable act of T-Mobile. I called them many times to fix the problem but they never did. Until their service became very unreliable when I moved to Atlanta, Ga in the summer of 2012. I hardly had mobile service. I was missing calls from team members, coaches, classmates and my friends while my phone was on me. Out of desperation to find out the problem, I would hold my phone right next to my friends' and ask them to call me and it would either go straight to voicemail or it would not connect at all. That was the last straw for me. I called T-Mobile to lay my complaints and of course the answer was the same. False hopes all over again. The other response was about my Samsung Galaxy s3. They told me that my phone was capturing their service well enough. I was still getting charged outrageously as well. At this point I was a broke college student. Couldn't afford to pay phone bills that were fluctuating between $100 to $300. Mind you, my original plan was $50 but it was never stable. I dropped them and got another company Dec 2013.
T-Mobile sucks because they charge people for services they have not provided or offered. They suck because they try to blame your phone's reception for their inadequate and poor mobile coverage. They also suck because they don't follow through a complaints and just half-a** it.
I couldn't pay my outrageous bill after dropping them. I still had money to pay on my phone when I got fed up with them. They passed my account information to a collection agency. That agency started hounding me for money and attacked my credit as well. Since I was broke and poor from paying T-Mobile all the money I had and didn't have, it took me a while to pay it off. Mind you, I was pissed at them as well but that didn't help because they are so cold-hearted and had my unpaid bills on me. So after a while, I paid off all that I owed them, in the fall of 2014 through that collection agency. It was such a relief that they would stop calling me(I maintained the same number even after leaving them). I changed my service to Verizon and it's been worth it. A few days ago, while I was looking up my credit score online, I noticed that T-Mobile had placed a hold on my account for the bill that I took care of over a year ago. Of course I disputed it. This afternoon at 2:00 P.M. Eastern Time, I went to pick the mail from the mail box and guess what I found. A bill from T-Mobile from another collection agency for the amount that I had taken care of and paid in full in 2014. I was very angry. I called and asked why that was. They said I owed them. Thank God I still have my bank statement and proof that I had paid it in full. I called the collection agency that I paid the money to and they confirmed the payment. Either T-Mobile is an extremely sloppy and unreliable company(this fact I already know) or the collection agency never reported my payment back to them. To cut a long story short, the collection agency apologized for it and I'm free from the hounding of the evil T-Mobile. For you reading this, be careful not to get in the prison of T-Mobile. They are still to this day the most unreliable mobile network I know. If you are currently deal with them, make sure to document all of your transactions so that you could use it when the time calls for it. T-Mobile sucks!