Monday, January 11, 2016


Hey guys, welcome to the second part of the 3 Part Series of "Feeling Not Good Enough." Today we will be covering the second factor that contributes to how you might be feeling. The joy of this series is that it also suggests solutions and ways to overcome such negative feelings.

COMPARISON; The act of constantly comparing yourself to someone else
I have come to the realization that the fastest route to unhappiness is comparing yourself to somebody else. Do you know that no one is perfect and everyone has a flaw? Some people do a better job at masking and hiding theirs than others. Do you also know that comparing yourself to someone else does not improve your skills or add to what you already own or have? In fact, it does the exact opposite of that. Whenever you compare yourself to someone else, it takes away something from you. It takes away the peace of being content with who you are and what you have and the desire to want to acquire more or even go higher in life and career. When you constantly compare yourself to others, you begin to convince yourself that maybe they deserve your dream more than you, or maybe they deserve to be happy more than you do. It takes away from the time and effort you should be putting into working on your talent and skills. It is absolutely draining, stressful and quite frankly, a very costly price to pay for nothing!

I'm not saying that you should not learn from other people who are more skilled or successful than you are. What I'm saying is that you should use them as your motivation to work harder, dream harder and fight harder, for your dreams to become your reality. Everyone of us walking this earth has a different path and journey. The fact that someone else got to your supposed destination faster than you should not make you change your destination or mind and start wandering in the wilderness. I have to tell you about a certain type of people. These are people who, after comparing themselves to others, conclude that they might as well give up on their dreams because they don't possess the kind of beauty, talent and skills that the other people possess. They disqualify themselves from becoming great before they even gave themselves a chance. What tends to happen when they feel this way is resentment. They start to resent their up-bring, their families and background. People like these start blaming their parents, for not trying harder to give them better opportunities; through education and business contacts. Instead of appreciating their parents for doing the best that they could, with what resources they had. Their resentment turn to unrealistic regrets. These regrets are manifested through unreasonable wishes like these: "Oh how I wish I were born into wealthy family." "Oh how I wish my parents were more educated." "Oh how I wish my parents were more beautiful, then maybe I would have been born beautiful like these other girls."

Resentment and blame will leave you stressed. Stress is not good for the health. If you become overly stressed, your health begins to suffer and that might eventually cost you whatever chance you might have, at getting certain opportunities you were hoping for. You certainly don't want that. This is why comparing yourself to others only to use it negatively against yourself, is a waste of your valuable time and energy. In the mean time, you don't know what battles others are fighting. That person that you might be envious of or constantly comparing yourself to might want something that you have. It is because of this very same reason that I have decided to appreciate the talents and skills that I have. My appreciation has led and keeps leading me to aspire to be great and work hard to be better than I was yesterday. I'm not perfect guys. I always tell people I come across who think that I am perfect in certain skills that all I commit myself to doing, is loving and appreciating my gifts, while also working hard to make my dreams become my reality. Life is in constant motion and change is the only constant thing there is. This is why I dedicate time and energy into self development. In other words, I invest valuable time and energy in myself.

This is for you trying to break away from that feeling of not good enough, which seems to pop up whenever you start comparing yourself to others. Start by consciously redirecting your thoughts and channelling all that time and energy into counting your blessings and setting new goals for yourself. You can change your mindset by refocusing your energy and time into who and what matters to you. Maybe you could start by appreciating who you are, where you came from and those who have contributed to making you the person that you are today. Success is not meant for a select group of people. Success is meant for those who are willing to put in the time and effort to achieve it. I believe in you, but it won't mean a thing or even matter if you don't believe in you! You are good enough for your dreams and opportunities. Stop worrying about what you can't change. Such as; the family you were born into, or the kind of education your parents were able to give you. Do you know that all of those things contributed to making you the fabulous human being you are today?

Thanks for stopping by today. Please come by tomorrow for the final part of this series. Have a fabulous day!

Here's a bus selfie that my husband and I took earlier.