Friday, January 8, 2016


Since joining Youtube partnership in the fall of 2014, I have discovered a breed of women who go after married vloggers' husbands. Somehow these women have so deceptively convinced themselves to believe that if they broke up these marriages, the men would treat them the way that they treat their wives on the videos. Some of these women start watching the vlogs as supporters and then worm their way in as loyal subbies/friends, constantly doing things that draw the couple's attention to them. These are all part of the greater plan to make the husband see that they would be better wives than the man's spouse. About two weeks ago, one of my favorite vloggers; the husband confessed on YouTube to have virtually cheated on his wife with another woman. He said that it all started as a simple online chat that gradually grew to a full-blown communications with this strange woman. He said that when he realized what was happening, it had gone very far. He knew he had to confess to his wife because he was becoming the kind of man he hated to be. He asked for God's forgiveness and apologized to his wife. I respect him for owning up to his mistakes and making a conscious effort to change. These are real people with temptations. Him and his wife are committed to being the best partner to each other that they can be with God's help of course. I have more respect for this family than I have ever had. By bringing their personal issue to YouTube, they have let themselves be used by God as vessels to teach people about Christianity. Many people are intimidated by Christianity because they think that it is for perfect people. That's where most people get it wrong. Christianity is about Jesus and His mercies. He is not going to force you to accept Him but will invite you. It ultimately depends on you.

Back to the reason for this post. There are thousands of single women all over the world who are constantly on the prowl for married men. I can't really understand the psyche behind their decision but one thing I do know is that IT IS WRONG TO DATE MARRIED PEOPLE!. There's nothing that justifies breaking somebody's home because you feel like you deserve their spouse more than they. Granted, there are married men and women who chase unmarried people. It is your choice as a single man/woman to accept their proposal or not. If your desire is to be married someday, a married man/woman who steps out on his/her spouse to get with you, will not stay loyal or faithful to you either. The same way he gets you is the same way he will drop you. Who wants to live their lives unhappy? Who wants to live their lives constantly worrying about and losing sleep over the cheating nature of their spouse?

A virtuous woman/man would never stoop low to date or go after a married man/woman. A virtuous married man/woman would not break the commitment and covenant of their marriage to have sex or an affair with someone outside of their marriage.

This is for those women who feel justified going after married men. Don't ever seek to break someone's marriage because you feel like you deserve their spouse more than they, because you don't and that's the truth. You don't deserve someone's spouse because you think you do. Instead refocus your time, energy and resources on looking for your own. Go after unmarried men/women who have the qualities of a good husband/wife and work on starting a relationship with him that might eventually lead to marriage. On another note, if a man leaves his wife for you for some reason, he will never treat you like he treated her. You're a different person and situation. In conclusion, you should never date a married person because you're destroying a home and it is morally wrong to do so. Thank you for reading my blog today! HAVE A GREAT DAY!!

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