Friday, January 1, 2016

YouTube Bringing Interracial Families Together

When I first started YouTube in October of 2014, I didn't know what was going to come out of it. However, I was certain that it was what I wanted to do. YouTube has brought me more than I expected, especially in friendships. My friend; Tanya aka Black And Natural In Jerusalem, is one of such blessings YouTube has brought me thus far. Tanya, like myself is married interracially. Although that's not all we share in common; we are both Christians and enjoy talking about the love of Jesus as well. We were friends for many months before we finally did our first collaboration on YouTube via Google live hangout and it was a success. Thousands of people have watched it and are still watching the video to this day on our channels. Here is a link to the video on Tanya's channel, if you are interested: Building Your Confidence. So after about a year of communicating virtually, we started talking about meeting in person. Well, Tanya and her family had been based in Israel for a few years. Our friendship started while they were still over there. About two or three months ago they finally moved back to the States from Israel and we got to meet in person today!! What a way to set off New Year's Day?! Pretty cool, I must add. We were so happy to meet her and her family today that I didn't want them to leave. Writing about our friendship and how we met is one of the ways I'm choosing to express how thankful I am for making positive connections with families, just like mine on YouTube. Thanks YouTube, you've just shown me one more reason why you're awesome!

It Was A Happy New Year At Our House