Sunday, February 21, 2016

All About Our Day|| Maryam's Joyful Life

We started off our day on a great note. We went to church and it was a prophetic service. That was a great time, spent in the presence of God and in fellowship with other christian families. Afterwards, we came home and got a few chores done. Then my husband's childhood friend and his fiancee visited. We all went to Walmart with my father in-law to do some grocery shopping. Of course I also used that opportunity to vlog and also get some Kick points. When we got home, I had to make us dinner. We ate pasta and chicken tomato sauce. It was really good and I'm not being biased because I made it. *smiles* Anyways, I had a great day overall. Now, I'm relaxed on the couch in the living room, uploading a vlog to my YouTube channel; Maryam's Joyful Life. I decided to write this blog post while my video uploads. I hope that your day was as productive as you liked?! Thanks for reading this to the end. Here's a selfie that my sweet man and I took at Walmart.