Thursday, February 11, 2016


More than 5 years ago, I was offered a full ride basketball scholarship that would change my life. Prior to the offer, many local coaches and players despised me and some told me to my face that they would do all that they could to kill my dreams. But God is bigger than man! While they were hatching all their limited plans to stop me, God had already designed a glorious plan to take me higher unconventionally. I reached out to the coaches right where I was in Kaduna, Nigeria via email. It worked out and basketball crossed the borders of Nigeria, to take me to the place where I would become more educated, smarter and confident. I have learned a great deal since I have been in the United States of America. I have met a lot of great people that I would not have had the opportunity to meet, were it not for God's grace. The point of this post is; God has a plan for you. Your haters may tell you to your face that they will try everything they could to stop you, but don't be afraid of them. put your trust in God; the one who is greater than all! I pray that JESUS who changed my life and continues to change my life, will change and bless yours!

Throwback to Sophomore year in college!