Friday, February 12, 2016


The Original Ideals of The Black Panther Party

The Black Panther Party was created to give Black people political representation in America. Before the civil rights era and dating back to the slavery years in America, Black people were disenfranchised because of the color of their skin. They were relegated to the worst parts of the communities and nothing about their wellbeing mattered to the United States government. Black people were severely marginalized and annihilated and excluded from government developmental policies. They were maltreated and killed for fabricated offenses by their non-black neighbors and white masters. The more leaders in the black community fought for enfranchisement and political representation, the harder the white political leaders made life for the blacks and especially the leaders. The Law Enforcement Agencies and Federal Bureau of Investigation were pitched against black people. Many crimes were planned and orchestrated by government mercenaries to incriminate black people during that period, all with the intention of silencing their voices. After many years of racial injustices, segregation and misrepresentation and a dire need for improvement in a community that was plagued with poverty, Police brutality, illiteracy(due to lack of access to public schools)and no medical services for the young and old, the people had to act. All of these put together led to the creation of the Black Panther Party. this party strived for the recognition of black people as a people, who need representation in politics and economy. Since many peaceful efforts to ensure a peaceful coexistence and just representation of black issues in the U.S. mainstream media and politics and even justice system were silenced and met with violence, members of the BPP had to educate their members and communities on the importance of arming themselves. Since the government would not respond to peaceful protests by a people with serious needs, who had been disenfranchised because of the color of their skin and circumstances that brought their ancestors across the Atlantic Ocean, something had to be done. This is why members of the black community had to meet police violence with violence. The irony of the whole situation surrounding the BPP(Black Panther Party) is that certain members of the U.S government infiltrated the Party, distorted information and demonized the ideals of a party- the only party that gave black people any kind of political and economic recognition, a bad rapport. They became labelled as a racist party that encourages it's members to fight against Law Enforcement officers and disturb peace in white neighborhoods and also commit crime. Many BPP members were convicted of fabricated crimes and were jailed for many years for crimes they new nothing about. Some of them were assassinated as well. This was all an effort to break their growing notoriety and voices. I cannot completely say that all of the crimes that members of the BPP were convicted of were forged, but I can say that their presence became a threat to a government that gave them no kind of protection and representation whatsoever.

Beyonce's half time Super Bowl 50 performance was not racist in any form. In my observation, it was a celebration of one of the earliest movements that led to the enfranchisement, representation and inclusion of black people in a country that once saw them as less than human. Although the United States of America is still not completely perfect, in terms of black representation, it has undoubtedly grown in it's recognition and provision of justice for black people. Beyonce was just merely using her platform and the mainstream media to send a message across and appreciate the work of the BPP in fighting for equality and justice for black people, the way they knew how, at the time and space that they were accorded. So please people, don't be mad and feel excluded, the BPP was not a group that advocated for killing white like the KKK was/is for killing blacks, rather it was a Party that fought for the enfranchisement and justice of black people in a country that didn't recognize them as humans and deserving representation in all spheres of it's economy. I hope that after reading this article, you understand the original agenda and ideals of the BPP better. I had to do my own research to really understand. The BPP, just like feminism has been demonized to stand for what it's not by some powerful people in government who saw them as a threat.