Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Bias Coverage Of Gun Violence in Ghetto America|Change

2013 Department Of Justice Race Crime stats
Recent Department Of Justice Statistics show that blacks are more likely to be killed by other blacks than by whites. But the media only cover and sensationalize white on black crimes. Does it mean that those blacks who are killed by either white cops or random white criminals are more important than those killed by blacks? A question for the thoughts. Why is there so much attention and movement and media coverage for white on black crimes and little to no attention is given to black on black crimes? All I can see is a great divide in media coverage and a bias for what is sensational and what is not. Everyone is guilty about this including black people. It seems to me that black people are more likely to protests deaths by other races but not of same race. We all need to come to the realization that death caused by anyone is cause for action.
Steve Harvey
Here's one more reason I respect Steve Harvey; he uses his platform and celebrity to drive change in black communities. There are many current movements within the black community that only pay attention to Police Violence against black men and women, but not enough attention is being paid or drawn to Black on Black crimes. Gun violence in the Black community is a real big problem. Black youths living in poor communities are more likely to lose their lives by gun violence due to gang related activities than they are by other means. Something has got to be done. All of the problems that plague black communities are not only caused by the government. More Blacks have got to learn to take responsibility for some of them. We have got to learn to hold one another accountable for some of these devastation. Black Lives don't only matter when it's white people involved in the crimes being committed, Black Lives should matter always, regardless of who commits the crime. Every life should matter at all times. Something has got to be done to improve the longevity and quality of lives of blacks who live in the Ghetto communities across America. Mothers and fathers shouldn't have to go to bed with the fear that the lives of their children could be taken prematurely by some gang member or police officer. Everyone has a part to play in this situation. The government has got to do better as well, but it will take a collective effort. The church has got to be included more than ever before. The Bible tells me that when God is separated and put out of a country or anything, evil starts magnifying itself and the people are in great danger. America needs Jesus and the world as whole needs Jesus!

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Posted by Steve Harvey TV on Monday, 15 February 2016