Monday, February 15, 2016

Chanel Boateng "I am NOT who you think I am"|YouTube

Hey guys. Here's a great video for you all. Chanel Boateng is one of my favorite beauty gurus on YouTube. She is one of those very rare genuine online personalities who make you feel warm and happy in your own skin. Chanel talks about the difference between online personalities and reality. She really struck some important cords in me, while I watched this video. A lot of viewers place online personalities on a pedestal. They elevate them almost to a demigod status. Like they can't do no wrongs and are just too perfect. Truth is no one is perfect. The difference between you and those people you watch is opportunity and the platform that they have worked hard to build for themselves. Prior to joining YouTube in 2014, I didn't quite understand the privacy issues and scrutiny that HolyWood celebrities are subjected to. Now if you are a small time Online personality, you have to be very careful how much information you put out there because there are bad people out there who would stop at nothing, to attack you even in person. The moral of this video is that everyone is flawed. Just as you, the viewer are not perfect and on fleek, all the time, it's the same with your favorite online personality. They need their privacy as much as you do. Anyway, watch the video and share your comment with Chanel.