Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Hey guys. Thanks for joining me today. Last night in Iowa the first stream of America's presidential voting started. In what turned out to be a very close race in the Democratic party, the results were delayed until all votes had been accounted for. Hillary Clinton eventually pulled off the Iowa Caucus in a very close race with her running opponent; Bernie Sanders. Results were updated at 2 p.m. today, showing clinton receiving the votes of 23 delegates, claiming 49.9%, whilst Sanders claimed 21 delegates, totaling 49.6%. Now they head to New Hampshire where the fire is heating up. Certain polls claim that Sanders has a better chance at winning that Caucus's votes than Clinton. Many news anchors and political analysts claim that Clinton stands a better chance at claiming African American votes than Sanders in North Carolina later, in the coming weeks. In the main time, sit back and enjoy updates of the race to Presidency on CNN and ALJEZEERA .